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Welcome to Kirkham Automotive LTD. We are a full service, automotive repair and maintenance shop located in the CUBEX building on Horton Rd. Kirkham Automotive has been serving the Calgary area with many years of consistent and friendly service.

Our Professionalism sets us apart from the rest. Visit us for all of your maintenance and repair needs. We are a New Car Warranty Approved Center and ASE Certified Shop, providing you with the highest quality service.

We are a friendly, clean and efficient shop. We understand that sometimes car repair can be stressful and we do everything possible to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied with their service experience.

About Kirkham Automotive, LTD, NAPA AUTOPRO. To Reduce Stress, Costly Breakdowns & Deliver More Value to Our Customer.


  • Book your next appointment tailored to your time schedule.
  • Perform inspections every time on every vehicle.
  • Never proceed with maintenance or repair work without your authorization.
  • Never present an invoice that is larger than the most current estimate.
  • Advise customer of all manufactures recommended services.
  • Provide new warranty inspections and conduct online searches for all manufactures recalls.
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians & equipment to accurately solve the toughest problems.
  • Source and provide parts based on quality, price, & availability.
  • Provide & maintain responsible environmental practices.
  • Provide warranty that meets your motoring needs.
Kirkham AUtomotive Ltd.

Our services

Our excellent team of highly trained, certified and professional technicians works hard to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We are ASE certified and updated on a constant basis to provide you with the highest quality of service.

We are your modern repair facility, we utilize the latest computer hardware and software to diagnose your vehicle. We can handle any repairs or maintenance for any car make or model as well as your motor homes.

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The Best in the SW Calgary Car Repair Business

When you’re looking for SW Calgary car repair, you deserve the best in the business. At Kirkham Automotive, we do our best to hire and train the best SW Calgary car mechanics that we can so we’re always able to provide the best services.

Our Customer Service Promise

Whenever you work with a SW Calgary car mechanic from our team, you can guarantee that you’re going to get the information and help you need to get your car back on the road. Every one of our SW Calgary auto mechanics is trained in customer service as well, so you will also be treated with the utmost respect, and you will get the best price for all your SW Calgary car repair needs.

Our Services

At Kirkham Automotive, we offer a variety of SW Calgary car repair services, including the following:

  • General Repairs. Our team of auto mechanics SW Calgary can offer a variety of SW Calgary auto repair services, from basic part replacements to engine repairs. Also, every part that our car mechanics SW Calgary order for your vehicle will be top quality. We can even do warranty inspections!    
  • As you would expect, we don’t just offer SW Calgary auto repair, we also take care of inspections, both in-province and out-of-province. Our SW Calgary auto shop can also take care of emissions tests, among other tests that may be required.
  • Wheel Alignments. There are all sorts of reasons that you may need a wheel alignment; SW Calgary has some rough roads! If you want to keep your tires in the best shape possible, then you need SW wheel alignments regularly. Come on in or schedule your wheel alignment SW Calgary today.
  • Tire Replacement. Do you need a new set of tires? Maybe you want to make sure that you have snow tires for the winter months? Our SW Calgary auto mechanics can help you to find the best tires for your needs. We’ve always got great deals going on, so you can feel confident that you’re going to get the best price for your efforts.
  • Lube and Oil; Other Regular Maintenance Tasks. Regular maintenance will help you to prevent the need for car repairs SW Calgary. Our team of auto mechanics SW Calgary will do their best to ensure that you’re bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance tasks when they’re due. Our lube and oil services are quick, and your car will be road-ready all year long.       
  • Brake Services. A good pair of brakes is essential, and our SW Calgary auto shop is here to keep you safe. If you need struts, brake pads, or even brake cables, we’ll get the very best parts and get them installed for you. You deserve to feel safe on the road, and brakes are the first step in auto repair SW Calgary!
  • Electrical Systems. Not all auto mechanics SW Calgary are trained in electrical work, but ours are! If there’s an electrical problem with your system, our pros can take a look and make sure that everything is back in order so you can commute safely.

If you’re looking for the best in auto repair SW Calgary, we are here to help! Go to our contact page and make an appointment with our car mechanics SW Calgary today.